Last January 2019, this project was recorderd in NYC featuring Eddie Gomez, John Patitucci, Ron Carter, Dave Young, Pat O'Leary, Jorge Roeder, Pablo Menares. It is the Galvez tribute to the Masters of the past, trough his worldwide personal style. 

This project brings Christian Galvez among the most interesting guitar / bass players of the international jazz circuit.


“Christian Galvez is a bass virtuoso. His talent and abilities are very rare. Virtuosity is one thing, but Christian also has melody and the sensibility to know when to be a virtuoso and when to be a supportive bass player.
That is even more rare! 
Frank Gambale

"Christian Galvez is a very inventive, sensitive musician who if given the right musical information, can make a modest musical offering into a musical banquet."
Billy Cobham


Cristian is a bass playing Pat Martino, a great technically wonderful bass player.

He belongs in the small group of the young new modern bass geniuses. 
Jeff Berlin

What can I say about Mr. Christian Galvez,
Other than he is perhaps one of the greatest bass players of our time, Christian have serious music capabilities to play anything and everything's which is pretty special my eyes,
His also a great guy to hang out with.
Dennis Chambers

“Cristian Galvez is a great musician, not just because of his virtuosity on the bass, but because he’s an excellent composer and improviser. I look forward to hearing his new projects.”
Scott Henderson


Initially known by many of the public as " Pat Martino of the bass” " Galvez  is directly related with the generation of electric bass players of the post- Pastorius era. 
Gálvez playing is closely related  with colleagues  like John Patitucci and Stanley Clarke, influences where Christian starts from, going into other personal universes, thanks to his original virtuoso style, colorful and musical, where the use of harmony and chords at highest level are a key part of his own language; style that comes close to great geniuses of the "chord melody" as Joe Pass, Tal Farlow, George Benson and Pat Martino.

His vision of the electric bass as harmonic instrument is unrivaled:

"His bass is not only a bass, but pretty much a guitar with bass strings ... Galvez does everything a guitarist can do, but when it’s time to ‘be bass player‘ he plays all what a bass is able to play.“

Since 2005 he worked closely with the Argentine guitarist Luis Salinas, and national accompanied great musicians like jazz fusion drummer Billy Cobham or the bassist Stanley Clarke.

The meeting between the two musicians came to fruition in early 2007 and resulted in the departure of Gálvez to  Los Angeles as member of  the Stanley Clarke Electric Band. with which he was in tour worldwide during the next three years.

Very active as teacher, he creates the Escuela Superior de Jazz and he plays with his Christian Galvez Quartet in the whole Latin America.
He toured the world for around 7 years with América Comtemporánea, one of the most important latin American projets of the las 20 years.
He's member of the Masters of Bass with Gary Willis, Dominique di Piazza and Hadrien Feraud, of the Frank Gambale Quartet and recently of Paolo di Sabatino Trace Elements, alongside with drummers as Peter Erskine, Dennis Chambers and Jojo Mayer.
He is currently part of the Billy Cobham Band, touring Europe with the legendary drummer.

He has recorded 13 albums and 3 DVD with Pez Records label, plus his Concert N. 1 for bass and symphony orchestra (the first concert for bass and orchestra in the world) that Christian already performed live together with the most prestigious orchestras in Chile, Bolivia, Panama at most important festivals of Latin America.
Many years has passed siince the “Pat Martino of the bass”. At today Galvez is for sure  the best bass player in Latin America and makes part of the selected small group of the best bass virtuosos of the planet.

2019 will be the year of two main projects: the Trio Latinoamérica, with Horacio el negro Hernández and Otmaro Ruiz and the Gálvez & Gómez  Tribute to the Chord Melody, with the double bass myth Eddie Gómez. This duo comes out from the recoridng sessions of the album recorded un New York with Gómez, Ron Carter, John Patitucci, Dave Young, Pat O’Leary, Jorge Roeder and Pablo Lecaros.

The album will be released in the first semester of 2019.





    As leader

  • Christian Gálvez (2000 - Bolchevique Records)

  • Cero (2002 - Bolchevique Records)

  • Dinámica solista (2004 - Pez)

  • Christian Gálvez Trío, volumen 1 (2005 - Pez)

  • América luz (2006 - Pez)

  • Imaginario (2007 - Pez)

  • Crisálido (2009 - Pez)

  • Cinético (2010 - Pez)

  • Concierto sinfónico N° 1 para bajo y orquesta (2012 - Pez)

  • Organ kuartet (2014 - Pez)

  • Live at the Blue Note (2015 - Pez)

  • The Bridge (2016)

  • Origen del Misterio (2017)

   Other editions:


   EPs, antologías de éxitos, grabaciones en vivo, DVDs, reediciones

  • Christian Gálvez trio vol.1  DVD(2004)

  • Crisálido en vivo CD + DVD (2011) - Pez

  • Imaginario Live  DVD(2008)

  • The jazz connection Toronto-Santiago DVD(2016)

  • The chilean project live at the blue note DVD(2017)

   As side man:

  • Campos Holman Gálvez Live dvd (El templo records)

  • Trace elements / Electric Job (Jojo Mayer, Paolo di sabatino, Christian Gálvez)

  • Trace elements  / Electric trip (Dennis Chambers, Paolo disabatino, Christian Gálvez

  • With Nicolás vera: Fiasco contemporáneo (2003, Pez Records) - Circular (2006, Pez Records)

  • Jazz lab 0.1 (2003 - Bolchevique Records)

Photo: Eduardo Cabello